A Joyous London Vacation

After I came out from Stansted Airport, near London, on the night of 21 September 2010, my smiling daughter Syazana was already there to greet me. From there, we boarded a train to Liverpool Station and then took a bus to Notting Hill Gate, reaching her residence at Cheniston Gardens, within the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, close to 1:00 a.m.

Our journey motion was straightforward as her apartment was located just about 2-minute strolling distance to High Street Kensington beneathground station. Londoners called it ‘the tube’ whereby the primary stop station is the Paddington station. Aside from the tube, we additionally took the double-decker red-colored bus which at all times arrived on time. As practiced by other seasoned Londoners, we too bought the Oyster card which may very well be used when touring by tube or by bus.

For goal of communicating with household and friends back house, I changed the sim card of my mobile phone to an area one, called Orange.

While in London, my daughter brought me to several Malaysian meals restaurants, apart from the usual fast food outlets. We had our lunch twice on the Malaysia Corridor London cafeteria located at Queensborough Terrace in Bayswater area. The cafeteria was located in the identical building as that of Malaysian High Commission. We also ate at different restaurants in the Bayswater and Paddington areas, such as Bonda CafĂ©, Tuk Din Restaurant, Delima Restaurant, C&R Malaysian Cuisine and Khan’s. When we did some shopping at Westfield, we had our lunch at Jom Makan Restaurant.

While I used to be there, Malaysian Food Competition was held at Trafalgar Sq. on 24 September 2010. Because it was a Friday, my daughter and I were only able to visit the festival and taste the styles of Malaysian meals after my Friday prayer at London Central Mosque situated at Park Road, Regent’s Park. It was a joyful affair besides that the evening was chilly and windy.

Since my holiday was for about two weeks, my daughter had deliberate for us to visit a number of fashionable spots. One evening, we went to walk on the Westminster Bridge, above River Thames. Tourists all of the world had been seen taking pictures of the Big Ben or Westminster Clock Tower of the Houses of Parliament. I used to read in a travel magazine stating that this clock tower (now often known as Elizabeth Tower) is probably the most photographed structure in the world.

One other favourite spot for vacationers as well as Londoners is the Buckingham Palace, the official London residence of Queen Elizabeth II. It was advisable to be there on Wednesday morning, around 11:00 a.m. as there will a colorful parade called “Altering of the Guard”. The guards, in red coats, carried out their rehearsal at their barracks first earlier than marching smartly to the Palace. After I was there, the guards’ band was enjoying a well-known instrumental theme, a nostalgic “Mission Inconceivable”. Spectators clapped loudly and fortunately after they had completed it.

On 27 September, we had our breakfast at a famous restaurant in entrance of our apartment, called The Muffin Man Tea Shop. Located on the nook of Wright’s Lane and Cheniston Gardens, this restaurant is legendary for its sandwich and muffin. Our plan for the day was to go and visit a famous landmark in Greenwich. It was about thirty minutes journey by train from central Watch TV London.

Vacationer Information For London

London is an thrilling, vibrant metropolis, offering a complete host of things to do and see. It is usually one of many safest cities in the world.

With a view to make your expertise as take pleasure inable as potential you should exercise the same quantity of warning as you’ll at home.

London TV Transport

Keep away from utilizing unlicensed cabs. Safe cabs to use are those licensed by the Police. The driving force will wear a badge and the cab will have a licence on display.

When utilizing a hire car, you’ll want to fully check the automobile over for any damage previous to signing the forms.

Lodging in London

Accommodation in London is given a Star and Diamond rating by official vacationer organisations. The higher the number of stars or diamonds, the higher the quality.


As with every major metropolis, crime could be a problem. Nonetheless, for those who comply with the identical basic ideas as you’d at house, you will be completely safe. Hold purses and wallets in zipped compartments. Keep away from using rucksacks. Hold cameras hanging round your neck, not over your shoulder. By no means put your bag on the ground of a restaurant or bar, hold it with you in any respect times.

Your Cash

It is not all the time cost efficient to vary your cash up at your Hotel. Try to shop round for one of the best rate. Banks and Building Societies usually provide the best rates.

Once you have changed up your cash, make sure you retailer it within the protected at your hotel.

Consuming And Consuming

Be wary of young ladies inviting you into bars for a drink. These ladies are sometimes escorts and chances are you’ll end up paying hundreds of pounds for one drink and the privilege of the ladies firm for the evening.

It is now anticipated that diners will tip their waitress or waiter in a restaurant. Before doing this, check your invoice to see if service is included. It’s accepted that a tip of round 10% of your total bill is reasonable. Nonetheless, don’t be tempted to tip if the service or the food is poor

Why London Is the Best Place for Business

Most of us love travelling and there are these of us who look forward to transferring to a new nation or town so as to quiet down and get that recent start. In case you are certainly one of them, then it’s best to vastly consider London as your destination of choice. There are quite a lot of nice attributes which are associated with London and most particularly if you are looking for a terrific working or business hub.

There are some reasons as to why London is so outstanding. They include:

It’s a large monetary center

This is by far the greatest trait that London has for anyone who is business or work oriented. London is a financial middle just like New York City. There are such a lot of great corporations which have invested within the right here they usually include multinationals. This makes it one of the vital supreme locations for one to really pursue a career since there are such a lot of opportunities.


You probably have ever been to London, then you may inform how diverse the folks and the culture are. London has very pleasant people. This makes it an open space of diversity in all aspects. There are lots of natural sites, historical and cultural sites that you could get an opportunity to go to while in London. Some of the great sites embrace The Tower of London, London News Eye, Kensington Palace, Buckingham Palace and Big Ben.

Parks and open spaces

If you love the outdoors, then London is the most effective place to be. There are lots of council parks, royal parks like Hyde Park, Regent’s Park, Richmond Park, Victoria Park, Greenwich Park and plenty of different backyard squares and green spaces that the public is allowed to sample. This is a great way to relax after a day’s work.

City of pros

In London, there are all kinds of professionals. There are accounting companies, legal corporations, insurers, brokers and banks. The city truly hosts more than 480 oversees banks. This is the highest number in the whole world.


In case you happen to be in an area that’s heavily populated, then this will not be a very interesting trait for you. Nonetheless, many individuals consider it an excellent a part of what makes London what it really is. The inhabitants of London is growing at twice the rate at which UK is growing. London’s population was 8.7 million in 2016.


This is a metropolis that has a number of activities occurring and there is a lot you are able to do to stay entertained. The public transportation is accessible and you will get to most elements of town very easily. London underneathground transit system or tube helps to transport 3 million passengers everyday.


The London wages aren’t new to anyone. They’re much higher when compared to most nations today. This is likely one of the important reasons as to why so many people depart their houses and commute for so many miles in order to get a higher salary for their families. The typical wage in London is 9.75 pounds per hour with minimum wage of 7.50 pounds per hour.


Apart from the public transport system that is very effectively established, London has the most important airspace in the entire world. Right here, eight airports are accessible. 5 of these have got high traffic. London’s Heathrow airport receives more than 75 million passengers yearly, which makes it 5th busiest airport in the world.

The above are among the traits that make London such a preferred city in the UK amongst people searching for a new place to settle and work.

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